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BoxStar Development Status


If you're really bored you can look at the ChangeLog which is auto-generated by svn log at each release.



DVB support is a major project and VDR has a huge head start. As an interim solution I've just written a boxstar module for using VDR. It works well enough that I've felt I can put boxstar to one side for a while to work on other projects, but I've always had enough gripes with VDR that native DVB support in boxstar was always a long-term goal, and since fitting a DVB-S card has highlighted more shortcomings in VDR I'm keen to develop this part of boxstar ASAP.

The main ways I'd like to improve on VDR are in channel management, support for Freesat's quirks, the client-server model, and video player front-end (initially MPlayer instead of xine, then hvid).

hvid (formerly boxav)

I've started work on my video playing library. I even got as far as getting it to play sound (with alsa) and picture (with SDL) together albeit with no attempt at synchronisation just yet (but it accidentally synced better than VDR's softdevice plugin and certain buggy versions of MPlayer!) and it didn't work properly with MPEG 4. This is available in the "try1" branch in svn. But then I started a major rewrite and now I've decided to start yet again. I've looked at the possibility of using GStreamer but decided it would be easier to use my own framework to support all the features I want.

Feature list (proposed)


Here are my future plans for BoxStar.

Command-line options for logging etc
Support Xine
Menu options for video items eg choose audio track, player app
More input modules: LIRC and TTY
Support MPEG decoders like DXR3 and FF DVB cards
Music jukebox
Streaming client
Choose and watch TV channels (DVB)
Manage timers and recordings
Management and control of advanced features    
Make DVB cards select and play channels
Timed recordings
Automatic recording of favourites    
Advert skipping
DVD burning
Web server
WAP server    
Streaming server
hvid (formerly boxav)
My own video player with special features for boxstar


Features I definitely want to include as a matter of priority    Features I consider important for completeness but don't need personally; I'll probably add them as and when asked    Features I'd like to include but won't add until higher priorities are dealt with    Fairly low priority features which may be tricky to implement; collaboration will be welcome    Features I'm not very interested in but will gladly incorporate if someone else writes them    Features already implemented, at least partially

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